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A Revolutionary Procedure

Laser sculpture is a term that refers to lipolysis when it is performed using laser lipo equipment. It is regarded as a ground-breaking therapy for tightening the skin, and removing localized fatty deposits, thereby enhancing fitness and improving physical appearance.

Body sculpting techniques are increasingly gaining popularity and they are currently the most requested type of cosmetic surgery. With the advent of higher-power laser, body sculpting procedures are now more effective and offer fewer side effects than traditional liposuction. If you wish to shape and contour parts of your body such as the abdomen, chin, neck, arms, hips, thighs, love handles or buttocks, then laser sculpture is the ideal choice for the ‘new’ you.

Accurate and safe, modern medical-grade lasers work by generating a powerful beam of light that can be adjusted to a certain frequency range so it can be used to liquefy fat. With laser sculpture, the device is calibrated to break down fat cells, creating an oily liquid which is then suctioned out of the body through a micro-cannula inserted through a small incision in the skin. The laser also coagulates small blood vessels as it melts fat, so there is less bleeding, bruising and swelling as compared with traditional liposuction.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers of Laser Sculpture Systems offer a variety of machines that differ in features, cost, method of use and results. Below is a list of the different types of laser systems used to sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat:

  • Smartlipo™ / Smartlipo MPX™ / Smart Lipo Triplex™
  • CoolLipo™
  • ProLipo™ / ProLipo Plus™
  • LipoLite™
  • Lipotherme™
  • LipoControl™
  • SlimLipo™
  • i-Lipo™

These will be discussed in detail in the succeeding pages.

Safe, Effective and Scientifically Proven

Laser sculpture is safe and backed by years of extensive research and clinical studies. Patients are able to see faster results with fewer complications. The procedure only requires the use of local anesthesia, unlike traditional liposuction which usually requires the administration of general anesthesia. In addition, no sutures are required and the scars are barely noticeable.

Modern lasers are excellent tools for cosmetic surgeons, giving them the much-needed precision and allowing them to master different techniques of performing laser sculpting surgeries. No wonder a lot of cosmetic surgeons now prefer laser-assisted procedures. They are able to achieve far more defined results while using smaller equipment.

About the Procedure

Laser sculpture is minimally invasive and considered as an outpatient procedure, with most surgeries being performed in the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic or private surgical suite. A micro-cannula containing a laser fiber is inserted through a small incision on the patient’s skin. The surgeon then moves the cannula back and forth to direct laser energy to the fat cells, causing them break down and drain away. As previously mentioned, local anesthesia is used but surgeons may opt to inject tumescent anesthesia in order to create lift between the layers of muscle and fat. An added benefit of the procedure is that the heat generated during the procedure has a skin tightening effect, helping to provide a more balanced skin texture.

Recovery and Results

Patients are allowed to walk around shortly after the treatment while the effect of the anesthetic wears off. Most patients return to work and normal activities within 1-5 days. As a rule, the recovery period is influenced by the amount of fat removed and the number of treated areas. Patients report remarkable improvements after one to two weeks, although certain areas like the jaw and neck tend to show faster results.

Note that the healing time and rate of metabolism vary widely among individuals. The results of laser sculpture normally require 3 to 4 months to become completely apparent. On average, the optimal outcome is between 3 to 6 months. But regardless of the timeframe, the results are almost always permanent. Once the fat cells are liquefied and removed, they are gone for good since they don’t grow back or reproduce. In order to maintain the results of the treatment, it is best to observe a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Possible Side Effects

While laser sculpture is regarded as one of the safest forms of cosmetic surgery, there may be some side effects after the procedure. The most common include bruising, swelling, numbness, tingling sensation and pain around the incision sites. These will vary among patients since each one has a different reaction to local anesthesia. It is therefore highly recommended that you ask your surgeon about any side effects that may ensue from your  particular condition.


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